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Do and Dare
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. The Post Office at Wayneboro.
Chapter II. Herbert's Chance.
Chapter III. A Prodigal Son.
Chapter IV. Herbert Loses His Place.
Chapter V. Eben's Scheme.
Chapter VI. Herbert's Good Luck.
Chapter VII. Eben Grows Envious.
Chapter VIII. Eben's Assurance.
Chapter IX. The Solitary Farmhouse.
Chapter X. An Exciting Scene.
Chapter XI. Tried for Theft.
Chapter XII. Eben's Trump Card.
Chapter XIII. Eben's Last Hope Fails.
Chapter XIV. A Trip to Boston.
Chapter XV. An Obliging Guide.
Chapter XVI. A New Battle of Bunker Hill.
Chapter XVII. An Acceptable Present.
Chapter XVIII. A Thief in Trouble.
Chapter XIX. Ebenezer Graham's Grief.
Chapter XX. An Old Acquaintance in Chicago.
Chapter XXI. Col. Warner.
Chapter XXII. A Mountain Stage.
Chapter XXIII. A Startling Revelation.
Chapter XXIV. A Morning Walk.
Chapter XXV. Melville Makes a Sensation.
Chapter XXVI. A Council of War.
Chapter XXVII. Col. Warner Changes Front.
Chapter XXVIII. The Conspirators in Council.
Chapter XXIX. A New Home in the Woods.
Chapter XXX. A Terrible Moment.
Chapter XXXI. Jack Holden on the Indian Question.
Chapter XXXII. The Blazing Star Mine.
Chapter XXXIII. Good News from the Mine.
Chapter XXXIV. Two Old Acquaintances Reappear.
Chapter XXXV. Melville in Peril.
Chapter XXXVI. The Mine is Sold.
Chapter XXXVII. To the Rescue.
Chapter XXXVIII. Conclusion.

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