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The Boy Scout Camera Club
by G. Harvey Ralphson
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Chapter I. Lost: A Foreign Prince!
Chapter II. The Hole in the Attic Floor.
Chapter III. What the Box Contained.
Chapter IV. A Camp in the Mountains.
Chapter V. Jimmie and Teddy Miss a Meal.
Chapter VI. Signals in the Canyon.
Chapter VII. A Mint in the Mountains.
Chapter VIII. Uncle Ike Presents Himself.
Chapter IX. A Lank Mule as a Decoy.
Chapter X. "Packed Away Like Sardines".
Chapter XI. Jack's Elegant Chicken Pie.
Chapter XII. The Black Hand Game.
Chapter XIII. Three Days to Move In.
Chapter XIV. Pointing Out the Trail.
Chapter XV. A Night on the Summit.
Chapter XVI. The Call of the Pack.
Chapter XVII. Just a Little Dark Wash.
Chapter XVIII. Bradley Becomes Indignant.
Chapter XIX. Ned Plays the Mind-Reader.
Chapter XX. Shooting on the Mountainside.
Chapter XXI. Told by the Pictures.
Chapter XXII. A Recruit from the Enemy.
Chapter XXIII. Racing Motors on the Wat.
Chapter XXIV. The Man-Trap is Set.
Chapter XXV. The Confession of a Photograph.

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