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Boy Scouts in an Airship
by G. Harvey Ralphson
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Chapter I. Spies in the Boy Scout Camp
Chapter II. A Fox Joins the Wolves
Chapter III. Black Bears on the Amazon
Chapter IV. A Chase in the Night
Chapter V. Jimmie Takes a Run in the Air
Chapter VI. Ned is Guilty of Larceny
Chapter VII. The Black Bear in Trouble
Chapter VIII. The Vixen Takes a Tumble
Chapter IX. A Tragedy in the Air
Chapter X. Dinner is Served
Chapter XI. A Stick of Dynamite
Chapter XII. A Bribe of Half a Million
Chapter XIII. The Nelson in the Sky
Chapter XIV. Arrested for Smuggling
Chapter XV. The Warning from the Sky
Chapter XVI. Red Fire from the Sky
Chapter XVII. Using Boy Scouts for Bait!
Chapter XVIII. The End of a Long Chase

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