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The Camp Fire Girls Do Their Bit
by Hildegard G. Frey
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Chapter I. A Dream Comes True
Chapter II. In the Train
Chapter III. Carver House
Chapter IV. Veronica
Chapter V. Enter the Kaiser
Chapter VI. A Surprise in Store for Hillsdale
Chapter VII. In the Moonlight
Chapter VIII. Squads Left
Chapter IX. The Babes in the Woods
Chapter X. The Opening Career of Many Eyes
Chapter XI. The Further Career of Many Eyes
Chapter XII. The Court Martial of the Kaiser
Chapter XIII. The Party
Chapter XIV. News From the Front
Chapter XV. It Never Rains--
Chapter XVI. Cloudy Days
Chapter XVII. The Drill Contest
Chapter XVIII. Out of a Clear Sky
Chapter XIX. Kaiser Bill Mixes In
Chapter XX. Another's Secret
Chapter XXI

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