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The Camp Fire Girls at School
by Hildegard G. Frey
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Chapter I. Chronicles in Color.
Chapter II. A Sudden Misfortune.
Chapter III. Some Trials of Genius.
Chapter IV. Another Kitchen.
Chapter V. A Coasting Party.
Chapter VI. Gladys Upholds the Family Credit.
Chapter VII. Hard Times for Poets.
Chapter VIII. Sahwah Makes a Basket.
Chapter IX. The Thessalonian Play.
Chapter X. Who Cut the Wire?
Chapter XI. Another Coasting Party.
Chapter XII. Dr. Hoffman.
Chapter XIII. The Honor of the Winnebagos.
Chapter XIV. An Automobile and a Driver.
Chapter XV. The Escape.
Chapter XVI. A Scheme and What Came of It.
Chapter XVII. Joy Before Us.

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