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The Tale of Old Mr. Crow
by Arthur Scott Bailey
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I. The Outlaw
II. Something Lost
III. The Giant Scarecrow
IV. Caught Napping
V. A Great Disappointment
VI. Mr. Crow in Trouble
VII. Mr. Crow's Bad Memory
VIII. The New Umbrella
IX. Caught in the Rain
X. A Queer Toadstool
XI. Mr. Crow's Plan
XII. A Race with the Train
XIII. The Game of Checkers
XIV. The Lucky Laugh
XV. Mr. Crow's New Coat
XVI. A Tight Fit
XVII. The Strange Buttons
XVIII. An Unlucky Number
XIX. The Shoe-Store
XX. Old Shoes for New
XXI. The Crow Caucus
XXII. The Test
XXIII. The White Flag

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