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Tommy and Grizel
by James M. Barrie
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Part I
Chapter I. How Tommy Found a Way
Chapter II. The Search for the Treasure
Chapter III. Sandys on Woman
Chapter IV. Grizel of the Crooked Smile
Chapter V. The Tommy Myth
Chapter VI. Ghosts that Haunt the Den
Chapter VII. The Beginning of the Duel
Chapter VIII. What Grizel's Eyes Said
Chapter IX. Gallant Behaviour of T. Sandys
Chapter X. Gavinia on the Track
Chapter XI. The Tea-Party
Chapter XII. In Which a Comedian Challenges Tragedy to Bowls
Chapter XIII. Little Wells of Gladness
Chapter XIV. Elspeth
Chapter XV. By Prosen Water
Chapter XVI. "How Could You Hurt Your Grizel So!"
Chapter XVII. How Tommy Saved the Flag
Part II
Chapter XVIII. The Girl She Had Been
Chapter XIX. Of the Change in Thomas
Chapter XX. A Love-Letter
Chapter XXI. The Attempt to Carry Elspeth by Numbers
Chapter XXII. Grizel's Glorious Hour
Chapter XXIII. Tommy Loses Grizel
Chapter XXIV. The Monster
Chapter XXV. Mr. T. Sandys Has Returned to Town
Chapter XXVI. Grizel All Alone
Chapter XXVII. Grizel's Journey
Chapter XXVIII. Two of Them
Chapter XXIX. The Red Light
Chapter XXX. The Little Gods Desert Him
Chapter XXXI. "The Man with the Greetin' Eyes"
Chapter XXXII. Tommy's Best Work
Chapter XXXIII. The Little Gods Return with a Lady
Chapter XXXIV. A Way is Found for Tommy
Chapter XXXV. The Perfect Lover

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