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Rico And Wiseli
by Johanna Spyri
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Rico and Stineli.
Chapter I. In the Quiet House.
Chapter II. In the School.
Chapter III. The Old Schoolmaster's Fiddle.
Chapter IV. The Beautiful Distant Lake Without a Name
Chapter V. A Sad House, but the Lake Gets a Name.
Chapter VI. Rico's Mother.
Chapter VII. A Precious Legacy, and a Precious Prayer.
Chapter VIII. On the Lake of Sils.
Chapter IX. A Perplexing Affair.
Chapter X. A Little Light.
Chapter XI. A Long Journey.
Chapter XII. It Still Goes On.
Chapter XIII. On the Distant, Beautiful Lake.
Chapter XIV. New Friendships Formed, While the Old Ones are not Forgotten.
Chapter XV. Silvio's Wishes Produce Results.
Chapter XVI. Counsel that Brings Joy to Many.
Chapter XVII. Back Again Over the Mountains.
Chapter XVIII. Two Happy Travellers.
Chapter XIX. Clouds on the Beautiful Lake of Garda.
Chapter XX. At Home.
Chapter XXI. Sunshine on the Lake of Garda.
How Wiseli was Provided For.
Chapter I. Coasting.
Chapter II. At Home Where All are Happy.
Chapter III. Also at Home.
Chapter IV. At Cousin Gotti's.
Chapter V. How Time Went On, and Summer Came.
Chapter VI. Old and New.
Chapter VII. Andrew is Better, and Somebody Else, Also.
Chapter VIII. Something Very Strange Happens.

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