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Mother West Wind 'Why' Stories
by Thornton W. Burgess
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I. Why Striped Chipmunk is Proud of His Stripes
II. Why Peter Rabbit Cannot Fold His Hands
III. Why Unc' Billy Possum Plays Dead
IV. Why Reddy Fox Wears Red
V. Why Jimmy Skunk Never Hurries
VI. Why Sammy Jay Has a Fine Coat
VII. Why Jerry Muskrat Builds His House in the Water
VIII. Why Old Man Coyote Has Many Voices
IX. Why Miner the Mole Lives Under Ground
X. Why Mr. Snake Cannot Wink
XI. Why Bobby Coon Has Rings on His Tail
XII. Why There is a Black Head in the Buzzard Family
XIII. Why Buster Bear Appears to Have no Tail
XIV. Why Flitter the Bat Flies at Night
XV. Why Spotty the Turtle Carries His House with Him
XVI. Why Paddy the Beaver Has a Broad Tail

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