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Her Father's Daughter
by Gene Stratton-Porter
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List of Characters
Chapter I. "What Kind of Shoes Are the Shoes You Wear?"
Chapter II. Cotyledon of Multiflores Canyon
Chapter III. The House of Dreams
Chapter IV. Linda Starts a Revolution
Chapter V. The Smoke of Battle
Chapter VI. Jane Meredith
Chapter VII. Trying Yucca
Chapter VIII. The Bear Cat
Chapter IX. One Hundred Per Cent Plus
Chapter X. Katy to the Rescue
Chapter XI. Assisting Providence
Chapter XII. The Lay of the Land
Chapter XIII. Leavening the Bread of Life
Chapter XIV. Saturday's Child
Chapter XV. Linda's Hearthstone
Chapter XVI. Producing the Evidence
Chapter XVII. A Rock and a Flame
Chapter XVIII. Spanish Iris
Chapter XIX. The Official Bug-Catcher
Chapter XX. The Cap Sheaf
Chapter XXI. Shifting the Responsibility
Chapter XXII. The End of Marian's Contest
Chapter XXIII. The Day of Jubilee
Chapter XXIV. Linda's First Party
Chapter XXV. Buena Moza
Chapter XXVI. A Mouse Nest
Chapter XXVII. The Straight and Narrow
Chapter XXVIII. Putting It Up to Peter
Chapter XXIX. Katy Unburdens Her Mind
Chapter XXX. Peter's Release
Chapter XXXI. The End of Donald's Contest
Chapter XXXII. How the Wasp Built Her Nest
Chapter XXXIII. The Lady of the Iris

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