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Seven O'Clock Stories
by Robert Gordon Anderson
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First Night. The Three Happy Children
Second Night. The Playmates of the Three Happy Children
Third Night. Noisy Folks
Fourth Night. Just Before Supper
Fifth Night. The Toyman
Sixth Night. The Willow Whistle
Seventh Night. Mr. Scarecrow
Eighth Night. The Prettiest Fairy Story in the World
Ninth Night. Another True Fairy Story
Tenth Night. The Happy Ending of the Oriole's Story
Eleventh Night. Mother Hen and Robber Hawk
Twelfth Night. About Duckie the Stepchild and the Little Ship
Thirteenth Night. The Tall Enemy
Fourteenth Night. The Sleigh and the Tiny Reindeer
Fifteenth Night. Jack Frost and the Man-in-the-Moon
Sixteenth Night. Sloshin'
Seventeenth Night. The Circus Comes to Town
Eighteenth Night. The Jolly Clown
Nineteenth Night. Wienerwurst's Brave Battle

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