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Bowser The Hound
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I. Old Man Coyote Leads Bowser Away
Chapter II. Old Man Coyote Plays a Trick
Chapter III. What Happened to Bowser
Chapter IV. Poor Bowser
Chapter V. Bowser Spends a Bad Night
Chapter VI. The Surprise of Blacky the Crow
Chapter VII. Blacky the Crow Takes Pity on Bowser
Chapter VIII. How Blacky the Crow Helped Bowser
Chapter IX. Old Man Coyote Gives Out Dark Hints
Chapter X. How Reddy Fox Investigated
Chapter XI. A Little Unpleasantness
Chapter XII. The Cleverness of Old Man Coyote
Chapter XIII. The Mischievous Little Night Breeze
Chapter XIV. The Difference Between Being Inside and Outside
Chapter XV. Reddy's Forlorn Chance
Chapter XVI. Why Reddy Went Without a Chicken Dinner
Chapter XVII. Farmer Brown's Boy Drops a Pan of Corn
Chapter XVIII. Mutual Relief
Chapter XIX. Where Was Bowser the Hound?
Chapter XX. Where Bowser Was
Chapter XXI. Bowser Becomes a Prisoner
Chapter XXII. Farmer Brown's Boy Looks in Vain
Chapter XXIII. Bowser's Great Voice
Chapter XXIV. Blacky Tries to Get Help
Chapter XXV. Blacky Calls on Reddy Fox
Chapter XXVI. Red Wits and Black Wits
Chapter XXVII. The Artfulness of Blacky
Chapter XXVIII. Reddy Fox Dreams of Chickens
Chapter XXIX. Reddy Tries to Arouse Blacky's Pity
Chapter XXX. Blacky the Crow is All Pity
Chapter XXXI. Blacky is Much Pleased with Himself
Chapter XXXII. Blacky Waits for Reddy
Chapter XXXIII. Reddy Watches the Fat Hens
Chapter XXXIV. Patience and Impatience
Chapter XXXV. Things Happen All at Once
Chapter XXXVI. Reddy Hides the Fat Hen
Chapter XXXVII. Farmer Brown's Boy Has a Glad Surprise
Chapter XXXVIII. Reddy Goes Back for His Fat Hen
Chapter XXXIX. A Vanished Dinner
Chapter XL. Where was Reddy's Dinner?
Chapter XLI. What Blacky the Crow Saw
Chapter XLII. All is Well That Ends Well

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