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The Motor Girls on Waters Blue
by Margaret Penrose
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Chapter I. News
Chapter II. More News
Chapter III. The Lace Seller
Chapter IV. Jack Arrives
Chapter V. Inez
Chapter VI. The Mysterious Man
Chapter VII. New Plans
Chapter VIII. The Dream of Inez
Chapter IX. Off to Waters Blue
Chapter X. The Blue Waters
Chapter XI. In San Juan
Chapter XII. Left Alone
Chapter XIII. The Hurricane
Chapter XIV. News of Shipwreck
Chapter XV. A Search Proposed
Chapter XVI. Senor Ramo Missing
Chapter XVII. Off in the "Tartar"
Chapter XVIII. The Shark
Chapter XIX. Cruising Days
Chapter XX. Anxious Nights
Chapter XXI. A Strange Tale
Chapter XXII. The Lonely Island
Chapter XXIII. The Lonely Sailor
Chapter XXIV. The Revenue Cutter
Chapter XXV. News of the "Ramona"
Chapter XXVI. The Pursuit
Chapter XXVII. Senor Ramo
Chapter XXVIII. Found
Chapter XXIX. At Sea Horse
Chapter XXX. Senor Ralcanto

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