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The Motor Girls on a Tour
by Margaret Penrose
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Chapter I. A Spoiled Dinner
Chapter II. The Woodland Conference
Chapter III. "No Boys!"
Chapter IV. The Strange Promise
Chapter V. A Little Brown Wren
Chapter VI. The Hold-Up
Chapter VII. A Chance Meeting
Chapter VIII. Jack and Clip
Chapter IX. The Mysterious Ride
Chapter X. "They're Off!"
Chapter XI. Those Dreadful Boys
Chapter XII. The Girl in the Ditch
Chapter XIII. At the Grotto
Chapter XIV. The Promise Book Lost
Chapter XV. Rob Roland
Chapter XVI. A Strange Message
Chapter XVII. The Road to Breakwater
Chapter XVIII. The Clue
Chapter XIX. Paul and Hazel
Chapter XX. At the Mahogany Shop
Chapter XXI. Perplexities
Chapter XXII. The Children's Court
Chapter XXIII. The Motor Girls on the Watch
Chapter XXIV. Cora's Resolve
Chapter XXV. A Wild Run'
Chapter XXVI. Legal Strategy
Chapter XXVII. Against the Law
Chapter XXVIII. Confidences
Chapter XXIX. Merry Motor Maids
Chapter XXX. The Promise Kept

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