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The Sea Fairies
by L. Frank Baum
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Chapter 1. Trot and Cap'n Bill
Chapter 2. The Mermaids
Chapter 3. The Depths of the Deep Blue Sea
Chapter 4. The Palace of Queen Aquareine
Chapter 5. The Sea-Serpent
Chapter 6. Exploring the Ocean
Chapter 7. The Aristocratic Codfish
Chapter 8. A Banquet Under Water
Chapter 9. The Bashful Octopus
Chapter 10. The Undiscovered Island
Chapter 11. Zog the Terrible and His Sea Devils
Chapter 12. The Enchanted Island
Chapter 13. Prisoners of the Sea Monster
Chapter 14. Cap'n Joe and Cap'n Bill
Chapter 15. The Magic of the Mermaids
Chapter 16. The Top of the Great Dome
Chapter 17. The Queen's Golden Sword
Chapter 18. A Dash for Liberty
Chapter 19. King Anko to the Rescue
Chapter 20. The Home of the Ocean Monarch
Chapter 21. King Joe
Chapter 22. Trot Lives to Tell the Tale

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