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Tom Swift And His Motor-Boat
by Victor Appleton
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Chapter I. A Motor-Boat Auction
Chapter II. Some Lively Bidding
Chapter III. A Timely Warning
Chapter IV. Tom and Andy Clash
Chapter V. A Test of Speed
Chapter VI. Towing Some Girls
Chapter VII. A Brush with Andy
Chapter VIII. Off on a Trip
Chapter IX. Mr. Swift is Alarmed
Chapter X. A Cry for Help
Chapter XI. A Quick Run
Chapter XII. Suspicious Characters
Chapter XIII. Tom in Danger
Chapter XIV. The Arrow Disappears
Chapter XV. A Dismaying Statement
Chapter XVI. Still on the Search
Chapter XVII. "There She Is!"
Chapter XVIII. The Pursuit
Chapter XIX. A Quiet Cruise
Chapter XX. News of a Robbery
Chapter XXI. The Balloon on Fire
Chapter XXII. The Rescue
Chapter XXIII. Plans for an Airship
Chapter XXIV. The Mystery Solved
Chapter XXV. Winning a Race

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