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The Lost Prince
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Chapter I. The New Lodgers at No. 7 Philibert Place
Chapter II. A Young Citizen of the World
Chapter III. The Legend of the Lost Prince
Chapter IV. The Rat
Chapter V. "Silence Is Still the Order"
Chapter VI. The Drill and the Secret Party
Chapter VII. "The Lamp Is Lighted!"
Chapter VIII. An Exciting Game
Chapter IX. "It Is Not a Game"
Chapter X. The Rat-and Samavia
Chapter XI. Come with Me
Chapter XII. Only Two Boys
Chapter XIII. Loristan Attends a Drill of the Squad
Chapter XIV. Marco Does Not Answer
Chapter XV. A Sound in a Dream
Chapter XVI. The Rat to the Rescue
Chapter XVII. "It Is a Very Bad Sign"
Chapter XVIII. "Cities and Faces"
Chapter XIX. "That Is One!"
Chapter XX. Marco Goes to the Opera
Chapter XXI. "Help!"
Chapter XXII. A Night Vigil
Chapter XXIII. The Silver Horn
Chapter XXIV. "How Shall We Find Him?"
Chapter XXV. A Voice in the Night
Chapter XXVI. Across the Frontier
Chapter XXVII. "It is the Lost Prince! It Is Ivor!"
Chapter XXVIII. "Extra! Extra! Extra!"
Chapter XXIX. 'Twixt Night and Morning
Chapter XXX. The Game Is at an End
Chapter XXXI. "The Son of Stefan Loristan"

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