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Tom Swift And His Submarine Boat
by Victor Appleton
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Chapter One. News of a Treasure Wreck
Chapter Two. Finishing the Submarine
Chapter Three. Mr. Berg is Astonished
Chapter Four. Tom is Imprisoned
Chapter Five. Mr. Berg is Suspicious
Chapter Six. Turning the Tables
Chapter Seven. Mr. Damon Will Go
Chapter Eight. Another Treasure Expedition
Chapter Nine. Captain Weston's Advent
Chapter Ten. Trial of the Submarine
Chapter Eleven. On the Ocean Bed
Chapter Twelve. For a Breath of Air
Chapter Thirteen. Off for the Treasure
Chapter Fourteen. In the Diving Suits
Chapter Fifteen. At the Tropical Island
Chapter Sixteen. "We'll Race You For It"
Chapter Seventeen. The Race
Chapter Eighteen. The Electric Gun
Chapter Nineteen. Captured
Chapter Twenty. Doomed to Death
Chapter Twenty-One. The Escape
Chapter Twenty-Two. At the Wreck
Chapter Twenty-Three. Attacked by Sharks
Chapter Twenty-Four. Ramming the Wreck
Chapter Twenty-Five. Home With the Gold

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