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Tom Swift And His Wizard Camera
by Victor Appleton
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Chapter I. A Strange Offer
Chapter II. A Man in the Snow Bank
Chapter III. Tom MakeS Up His Mind
Chapter IV. Held Fast
Chapter V. Tom Gets a Warning
Chapter VI. Trying the Camera
Chapter VII. What the Camera Caught
Chapter VIII. Photos from the Airship
Chapter IX. Off for India
Chapter X. Unexpected Excitement
Chapter XI. An Elephant Stampede
Chapter XII. The Lion Fight
Chapter XIII. A Shot in Time
Chapter XIV. In a Great Gale
Chapter XV. Snapping an Avalanche
Chapter XVI. Telegraph Orders
Chapter XVII. Suspicious Strangers
Chapter XVIII. The Native Battle
Chapter XIX. A Heavy Loss
Chapter XX. After the Englishmen
Chapter XXI. The Jungle Fire
Chapter XXII. A Dangerous Commission
Chapter XXIII. At the Volcano
Chapter XXIV. The Molten River
Chapter XXV. The Earthquake--Conclusion

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