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Rilla of Ingleside
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
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1. Glen "Notes" And Other Matters
2. Dew Of Morning
3. Moonlit Mirth
4. The Piper Pipes
5. "The Sound Of A Going"
6. Susan, Rilla, And Dog Monday Make A Resolution
7. A War-baby And A Soup Tureen
8. Rilla Decides
9. Doc Has A Misadventure
10. The Troubles Of Rilla
11. Dark And Bright
12. In The Days Of Langemarck
13. A Slice Of Humble Pie
14. The Valley Of Decision
15. Until The Day Break
16. Realism And Romance
17. The Weeks Wear By
18. A War-wedding
19. "They Shall Not Pass"
20. Norman Douglas Speaks Out In Meeting
21. "Love Affairs Are Horrible"
22. Little Dog Monday Knows
23. "And So, Goodnight"
24. Mary Is Just In Time
25. Shirley Goes
26. Susan Has A Proposal Of Marriage
27. Waiting
28. Black Sunday
29. "Wounded And Missing"
30. The Turning Of The Tide
31. Mrs. Matilda Pittman
32. Word From Jem
33. Victory!
34. Mr. Hyde Goes To His Own Place And Susan Takes A Honeymoon
35. "Rilla-My-Rilla!"

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