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Dave Darrin at Vera Cruz
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. Ready for Fight Or Frolic
Chapter II. At the Mercy of a Bully
Chapter III. The Junior Worm Turns
Chapter IV. The Ward-room Hears Real News
Chapter V. Watching and Waiting—-behind Big Guns
Chapter VI. First to Invade Mexico
Chapter VII. Dave Darrin to the Rescue
Chapter VIII. Disobedience of Orders
Chapter IX. Cantor Finds His Chance
Chapter X. Dave Is Stung to the Quick
Chapter XI. A Brother Officer's Whisper
Chapter XII. The Man of the Evil Eye
Chapter XIII. “After the Rascal!”
Chapter XIV. A “Find” of a Bad Kind
Chapter XV. Ready for Vera Cruz
Chapter XVI. In the Thick of the Sniping
Chapter XVII. Mexicans Become Suddenly Meek
Chapter XVIII. In the House of Surprises
Chapter XIX. A Traitor in the Service
Chapter XX. The Skirmish At the Diligencia
Chapter XXI. A Rescue and a “Facer”
Chapter XXII. Playing Birdman in War
Chapter XXIII. The Dash for the Traitor
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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