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Dave Darrin's Second Year at Annapolis
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. A Question of Midshipman Honor
Chapter II. Dave's Pap-sheet Advice
Chapter III. Midshipman Pennington Goes Too Far
Chapter IV. A Little Meeting Ashore
Chapter V. When the Seconds Wondered
Chapter VI. In Trouble on Foreign Soil
Chapter VII. Pennington Gets His Wish
Chapter VIII. The Tragedy of the Gale
Chapter IX. The Despair of the “Recall”
Chapter X. The Grim Watch From the Waves
Chapter XI. Midshipman Pennington's Accident
Chapter XII. Back in the Home Town
Chapter XIII. Dan Receives a Fearful Facer
Chapter XIV. The First Hop With the Home Girls
Chapter XV. A Disagreeable First Classman
Chapter XVI. How Dan Faced the Board
Chapter XVII. Losing the Time-keeper's Count
Chapter XVIII. Fighting the Famous Double Battle
Chapter XIX. The Officer in Charge Is Shocked
Chapter XX. Conclusion

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