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Dave Darrin's Third Year at Annapolis
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. Why the Midshipmen Balked
Chapter II. Proving Their Training
Chapter III. The Trouble-making Fop
Chapter IV. In the View of the Navy Department
Chapter V. Navy Football in the Air
Chapter VI. The Hate of a Rival
Chapter VII. “Did Jetson Do It?”
Chapter VIII. Dan Tries Hard to Keep Cool
Chapter IX. A Narrow Squeak With the O.c.
Chapter X. The Gridiron Start
Chapter XI. The Band Couldn't Make Itself Heard
Chapter XII. Joyce Is Bitten by the Trouble Bug
Chapter XIII. Hepson Is “Some Wild”
Chapter XIV. Two Sides of a Story
Chapter XV. The Navy Goat Weeps
Chapter XVI. The Man With a Scowl on Tap
Chapter XVII. An Affair of Sulks
Chapter XVIII. The Class Meeting Sits As Jury
Chapter XIX. Dave Stands on Principle
Chapter XX. “Don't Be a Fool, Darry!”
Chapter XXI. Midshipman Jetson Has the Floor
Chapter XXII. The Birth of a Gentleman
Chapter XXIII. “Bagged,” and No Mistake
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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