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Dick Prescott's First Year at West Point
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. “Two Tiny Specks of of Nothing.”
Chapter II. The Tyranny Op the Cadet Corporal.
Chapter III. The “Lucky” Ones Take Up the New Life.
Chapter IV. Greg's Case of “Blues.”
Chapter V. Candidate Dodge Is Critical.
Chapter VI. In the Hands of the Yearling Hazers.
Chapter VII. A Sudden Grind At Math.
Chapter VIII. Dick Bones Trouble.
Chapter IX. Plebe Prescott's First Fight.
Chapter X. The “Beast” Who Scored.
Chapter XI. How Cadet Dodge Held Post Number Three.
Chapter XII. Prescott Gets Number Three.
Chapter XIII. The Sentry Makes a Capture.
Chapter XIV. Poor Greg Can't Explain.
Chapter XV. Greg Overhears a Pretty Girl's Tribute.
Chapter XVI. Tape Sounds on Summer.
Chapter XVII. Mr. Dodge Goes Canvassing.
Chapter XVIII. The Plebe Class Chooses Its President.
Chapter XIX. The Prowler in Quarters.
Chapter XX. Conclusion.

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