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The Grammar School Boys in Summer Athletics
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. A Jolt on a Quiet Day
Chapter II. The Vanishing Man
Chapter III. Dick Marches His Nine on
Chapter IV. The Story of the Uniforms
Chapter V. North Grammars Play Real Ball
Chapter VI. Settling With a Teaser
Chapter VII. Ted Teall Faces the Storm
Chapter VIII. Two Rivals Plan Dire Revenge
Chapter IX. Hi Martin Tries to Make Terms
Chapter X. “Babbling Butt-In”
Chapter XI. Ted Feels the Flare-Back
Chapter XII. The North Grammar Captain Grilled
Chapter XIII. “Big Injun—Heap Big Noise”
Chapter XIV. “Crazy As a Porous Plaster”
Chapter XV. Bluffing Up to the Big Game
Chapter XVI. “Ted's Terrors” Full of Fight
Chapter XVII. Dodge and Ripley Hear Something
Chapter XVIII. Hi's Swimming Challenge
Chapter XIX. Dave Darrin Flashes Fire
Chapter XX. Arranging the Swimming Match
Chapter XXI. Old Dut Gives Wise Counsel
Chapter XXII. Hi Hears Something Elevating
Chapter XXIII. Who Won the Swimming Matches?
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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