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The High School Boys in Summer Camp
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The Man in the Four-quart Hat
Chapter II. Dick and Some High Finance
Chapter III. The Human Mystery of the Woods
Chapter IV. Dave Darrin Is Angry
Chapter V. Dick Grapples in the Dark
Chapter VI. Danger Comes on the Hoof
Chapter VII. Fighting the Mad Stampede
Chapter VIII. Visitors for the Feast
Chapter IX. Dick's Woodland Discovery
Chapter X. Setting a New Trap
Chapter XI. A Hard Prowler to Catch
Chapter XII. “Tag” Is the Game—Tag Mosher!
Chapter XIII. In a Fix!
Chapter XIV. Thrashing an Ambulance Case!
Chapter XV. The Interruption of a Training Bout
Chapter XVI. Ten Minutes of Real Daring
Chapter XVII. During the Big Storm
Chapter XVIII. Mr. Page's Kind of Father
Chapter XIX. Seen in a New, Worse Light
Chapter XX. Some Imitation Villainy
Chapter XXI. The Medical Examiner Talks Training
Chapter XXII. Playing Ragtime on Mr. Bull
Chapter XXIII. What Tag “Borrowed” From the Doctor
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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