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The High School Boys' Canoe Club
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The “Splendid” War Canoe
Chapter II. “Rip” Tries Out His Bargain
Chapter III. Buying Fuel for a Bonfire?
Chapter IV. Hiram Pries a Secret Loose
Chapter V. Birch Bark Merchants
Chapter VI. Meeting the Fate of Greenhorns
Chapter VII. “Danny Grin” Is Silent
Chapter VIII. What an Expert Can Do
Chapter IX. Dick Trembles At His Nerve
Chapter X. Putting Up a Big Scheme
Chapter XI. All Ready to Race, But——
Chapter XII. Susie Discomfits a Boor
Chapter XIII. The Ripley Heir Tries Coaxing
Chapter XIV. The Liar Has a Lie Ready
Chapter XV. At the Greatest of Feasts
Chapter XVI. A Scalp-hunting Disappointment
Chapter XVII. The Good Word by Wire
Chapter XVIII. “Won't Win Against a Mudscow”
Chapter XIX. What Ailed Gridley?
Chapter XX. “Dinky-Bat! Hot Sail!”
Chapter XXI. Nature Has a Dismal Streak
Chapter XXII. Fred Is Grateful—One Second!
Chapter XXIII. Trentville, the Awesome
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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