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The High School Boys' Fishing Trip
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. Tom Reade Has a “Brand-new One”
Chapter II. Dodge and Bayliss Hear Something
Chapter III. Dick &co. Driven Up a Tree
Chapter IV. Stalling the Red “Smattach”
Chapter V. Bert Dodge Hears the Battle Cry
Chapter VI. Paid in Pull to Date
Chapter VII. The Box That Set Them Guessing
Chapter VIII. The Man With the Haunting Face
Chapter IX. The Start of a Bad Night
Chapter X. Powder Mills, Or Just What?
Chapter XI. In a Fever “To Find Out”
Chapter XII. Dick Makes a Find
Chapter XIII. Perhaps Ten Thousand Years Old
Chapter XIX. More Mystery in the Air
Chapter XV. The Scream That Started a Race
Chapter XVI. The Camp Invaded and Captured
Chapter XVII. Dick Makes Fish Talk
Chapter XVIII. A Kettle of Hot Water for Someone
Chapter XIX. Bert Dodge Hears Frightful News
Chapter XX. A Frenzied Ride to Safety
Chapter XXI. Real News and “Punk Heroes”
Chapter XXII. Tom Tells the Big Secret
Chapter XXIII. “Four of Us Are Pin-Heads!”
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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