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The High School Boys' Training Hike
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. Mr. Titmouse Doesn't Know Dick
Chapter II. The Deed of a Hero
Chapter III. The Peddler and the Lawyer's Half
Chapter IV. Peddler Hinman's Next Appearance
Chapter V. Dave Does Some Good Work
Chapter VI. The No-breakfast Plan
Chapter VII. Making the Tramps Squirm
Chapter VIII. When the Peddler Was “Frisked”
Chapter IX. Dick Imitates a Tame Indian
Chapter X. Reuben Hinman Proves His Mettle
Chapter XI. Tom Idealizes Working Clothes
Chapter XII. Trouble With the Rah-rah-rahs
Chapter XIII. A Snub and the Quick Retort
Chapter XIV. Dick &co. Make an Apple “Pie”
Chapter XV. Making Port in a Storm
Chapter XVI. Home, Hospital and Almshouse
Chapter XVII. Two Kinds of Hobo
Chapter XVIII. Dick Prescott, Knight Errant
Chapter XIX. “I'll Fight Him for This Man!”
Chapter XX. In the Milksop Class?
Chapter XXI. The Revenge Talk At Miller's
Chapter XXII. Under the Sting of the Lash
Chapter XXIII. Timmy, the Gentleman, At Home
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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