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The High School Captain of the Team
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. “Kicker” Drayne Revolts
Chapter II. A Hint From The Girls
Chapter III. Putting The Tag On The Sneak
Chapter IV. The Traitor Gets His Deserts
Chapter V. “Brass” For An Armor Plate
Chapter VI. One Of The Fallen
Chapter VII. Dick Meets The Boy-with-a-kick
Chapter VIII. Dick Puts “A Better Man” In His Place
Chapter IX. Could Dave Make Good?
Chapter X. Leading The Town To Athletics
Chapter XI. The “King Deed” Of Daring
Chapter XII. The Nerve Of The Soldier
Chapter XIII. Dick Begins To Feel Old
Chapter XIV. Fordham Plays A Slugging Game
Chapter XV. “We'll Play The Gentleman's Game.”
Chapter XVI. Gridley's Last Charge
Chapter XVII. The Long Gray Column
Chapter XVIII. The Would-be Candidates
Chapter XIX. Tom Reade Bosses The Job
Chapter XX. When The Great News Was Given Out
Chapter XXI. Gridley Seniors Whoop It Up
Chapter XXII. The Message From The Unknown
Chapter XXIII. The Plight Of The Innocent
Chapter XXIV. Dave Gives Points To The Chief Of Police
Chapter XXV. Conclusion

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