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The High School Freshmen
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The High School Sneak
Chapter II. Dick &co. Go After the School Board's Scalps
Chapter III. Not So Much of a Freshman
Chapter IV. Caption of the Hounds
Chapter V. The “Mucker” and the “Gentleman”
Chapter VI. Fred Offers to Solve the Locker Mystery
Chapter VII. Dick's Turn to Get a Jolt
Chapter VIII. Only a “Suspended" Freshman Now
Chapter IX. Laura Bentley Is Wide Awake
Chapter X. Tip Scammon Talks—but Not Enough
Chapter XI. The Welcome With a Big “W”
Chapter XII. Dick &co. Give Football a New Boost
Chapter XIII. “The Oath of the Dub”
Chapter XIV. On the Gridiron With Cobber Second
Chapter XV. Gridley Faces Disaster
Chapter XVI. The Fake Kick, Two Ways
Chapter XVII. Dick's “Find” Makes Gridley Shiver
Chapter XVIII. Fred Slides Into the Freeze
Chapter XIX. Dick &co. Show Some Team Work
Chapter XX. Out for That Toboggan!
Chapter XXI. Thanks Served With Hate
Chapter XXII. The Only Freshmen At the Senior Ball
Chapter XXIII. The Nitroglycerine Mystery Speaks Up
Chapter XXIV. The Capture of the Bank Robbers
Chapter XXV. Conclusion

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