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The High School Left End
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. Sulking in the Football Camp
Chapter II. The Start of the Dodge Mystery
Chapter III. Dick Stumbles on Something
Chapter IV. The “Soreheads” in Conclave
Chapter V. At the End of the Trail
Chapter VI. The Small Soul of a Gentleman
Chapter VII. The Football Notice Goes Up
Chapter VIII. Dick Fires Both Barrels
Chapter IX. Bayliss Gets Some Advice
Chapter X. Two Girls Turn the Laugh
Chapter XI. Dies Football Teach Real Nerve?
Chapter XII. Dick, Lile Caesar, Refuses the Crown
Chapter XIII. Bert Dodge “Starts Something”
Chapter XIV. The “Strategy” of a School Traitor
Chapter XV. A “Facer” for the Plotter
Chapter XVI. “The Cattle Car for Yours”
Chapter XVII. Facing the “School Cut”
Chapter XVIII. “Prin.” Gets in the Practice
Chapter XIX. Laura and Belle Have a Secret
Chapter XX. In the Line of Daring
Chapter XXI. The Price of Bravery
Chapter XXII. The Thanksgiving Day Game
Chapter XXIII. Sulker and Real Man
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion
Chapter XXV. Postscript

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