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The High School Pitcher
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The Principal Hears Something About “Pennies”
Chapter II. Dick Takes Up His Pen
Chapter III. Mr. Cantwell Thinks Twice—or Oftener
Chapter IV. Dave Warns Tip Scammon
Chapter V. Ripley Learns That the Piper Must Be Paid
Chapter VI. The Call to the Diamond—Fred Schemes
Chapter VII. Dave Talks With One Hand
Chapter VIII. Huh? Woolly Crocheted Slippers
Chapter IX. Fred Pitches a Bombshell Into Training Camp
Chapter X. Dick &co. Take a Turn At Feeling Glum
Chapter XI. The Third Party's Amazement
Chapter XII. Trying Out the Pitchers
Chapter XIII. The Riot Call and Other Little Things
Chapter XIV. The Steam of the Batsman
Chapter XV. A Dastard's Work in the Dark
Chapter XVI. The Hour of Tormenting Doubt
Chapter XVII. When the Home Fans Quivered
Chapter XVIII. The Grit of the Grand Old Game
Chapter XIX. Some Mean Tricks Left Over
Chapter XX. A Tin Can for the Yellow Dog
Chapter XXI. Dick Is Generous Because It's Natural
Chapter XXII. All Roads Lead to the Swimming Pool
Chapter XXIII. The Agony of the Last Big Game
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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