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The Young Engineers in Arizona
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The Man of “Card Honor”
Chapter II. Duff Asserts His “Rights”
Chapter III. Tom Makes a Speech on Gambling
Chapter IV. Somebody Stirs the Mud
Chapter V. Tom Has No Plans for Leaving Town
Chapter VI. The General Manager “Looks In”
Chapter VII. A Dynamite Puzzle
Chapter VIII. Reade Meets a “Kicker" Half Way
Chapter IX. The Man-killer Claims a Sacrifice
Chapter X. Harry Fights for Command
Chapter XI. Cheating the Man-killer
Chapter XII. How the Trap Was Baited
Chapter XIII. Tom Hears the Program
Chapter XIV. The Council of the Curb
Chapter XV. Mr. Danes Introduces Himself
Chapter XVI. Danes Shivers on a Hot Night
Chapter XVII. Tim Griggs “Gets His”
Chapter XVIII. Tragedy Caps the Test
Chapter XIX. The Secret of Ashby's Cunning
Chapter XX. Duff Promises the “Square Deal”
Chapter XXI. A Specialist in “Honor”
Chapter XXII. Tom and Harry Vanish
Chapter XXIII. Rafe and Jeff Miscalculate
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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