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The Young Engineers in Colorado
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The Cub Engineers Reach Camp
Chapter II. Bad Pete Becomes Worse
Chapter III. The Day of Real Work Dawns
Chapter IV. “Trying Out” the Gridley Boys
Chapter V. Tom Doesn't Mind “Artillery”
Chapter VI. The Bite From the Bush
Chapter VII. What a Squaw Knew
Chapter VIII. 'Gene Black, Trouble-maker
Chapter IX. “Doctored” Field Notes?
Chapter X. Things Begin to Go Down Hill
Chapter XI. The Chief Totters From Command
Chapter XII. From Cub to Acting Chief
Chapter XIII. Black Turns Other Colors
Chapter XIV. Bad Pete Mixes in Some
Chapter XV. Black's Plot Opens With a Bang
Chapter XVI. Shut Off From the World
Chapter XVII. The Real Attack Begins
Chapter XVIII. When the Camp Grew Warm
Chapter XIX. Sheriff Grease Drops Dave
Chapter XX. Mr. Newnham Drops a Bomb
Chapter XXI. The Trap At the Finish
Chapter XXII. “Can Your Road Save Its Charter Now?”
Chapter XXIII. Black's Trump Card
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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