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The Young Engineers in Mexico
by H. Irving Hancock
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Chapter I. The Land of Golden Eggs
Chapter II. The Wolf Who Showed His Teeth
Chapter III. Gato Strikes the Up Trail
Chapter IV. Tom Does Some Sampling
Chapter V. The Mine That Did and Didn't
Chapter VI. Watching the Midnight Lights
Chapter VII. Don Luis's Engineering Problem
Chapter VIII. Dangling the Golden Bait
Chapter IX. Don Luis Shows His Claws
Chapter X. The Spirit of a True Engineer
Chapter XI. A Piece of Lead in the Air
Chapter XII. Nicolas Does an Errand
Chapter XIII. Pining for the Good Old U.s.
Chapter XIV. Next to the Telegraph Key
Chapter XV. The Job of Being an Hidalgo
Chapter XVI. Two Victims of Rosy Thoughts
Chapter XVII. The Stranger in the Tent
Chapter XVIII. Craft—or Surrender?
Chapter XIX. The Hidalgo Plans Gratitude
Chapter XX. Two Real Signatures
Chapter XXI. The Final Touch of Tragedy
Chapter XXII. Mr. Haynes Asks a Few Questions
Chapter XXIII. The Engineer Turns
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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