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Hector's Inheritance
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Mr. Roscoe Receives Two Letters.
Chapter II. Resenting an Insult.
Chapter III. Hector Learns a Secret.
Chapter IV. A Skirmish.
Chapter V. Preparing to Leave Home.
Chapter VI. Smith Institute.
Chapter VII. The Tyrant of the Playground.
Chapter VIII. In the Schoolroom.
Chapter IX. The Class in Virgil.
Chapter X. Dinner At Smith Institute.
Chapter XI. Hector Receives a Summons.
Chapter XII. The Impending Conflict.
Chapter XIII. Who Shall Be Victor?
Chapter XIV. Socrates Calls Hector to Account.
Chapter XV. The Usher Confides in Hector.
Chapter XVI. Tossed in a Blanket.
Chapter XVII. Jim Smith's Revenge.
Chapter XVIII. The Missing Wallet Is Found.
Chapter XIX. A Dramatic Scene.
Chapter XX. Hector Gains a Victory.
Chapter XXI. The Usher Is Discharged.
Chapter XXII. The Welcome Letter.
Chapter XXIII. Another Chance for the Usher.
Chapter XXIV. The Young Detectives.
Chapter XXV. Smith Institute Grows Unpopular.
Chapter XXVI. Hector's Arrival in New York.
Chapter XXVII. Larry Deane.
Chapter XXVIII. Two More Acquaintances.
Chapter XXIX. Jim Smith Effects a Loan.
Chapter XXX. A Brave Deed.
Chapter XXXI. An Important Letter.
Chapter XXXII. A Wayward Youth.
Chapter XXXIII. Mr. Roscoe Makes a Discovery.
Chapter XXXIV. First Impressions of San Francisco.
Chapter XXXV. The Prodigal.
Chapter XXXVI. How Hector Succeeded in Sacramento.
Chapter XXXVII. A Narrow Escape.
Chapter XXXVIII. Conclusion.

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