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Herbert Carter's Legacy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Biography and Bibliography
Chapter I. Mrs. Carter Receives a Letter
Chapter II. What the Letter Contained
Chapter III. Herbert Meets a Relative
Chapter IV. Reading the Will
Chapter V. What Came Afterward
Chapter VI. The Lawyer's Home
Chapter VII. A Welcome Discovery
Chapter VIII. Herbert's Return
Chapter IX. A Business Confidence
Chapter X. Squire Leech Is Baffled
Chapter XI. Sickness
Chapter XII. Poor and Proud
Chapter XIII. Mr. Banks, the Superintendent
Chapter XIV. Herbert's New Undertaking
Chapter XV. The Crisis Approaches
Chapter XVI. An Unexpected Offer
Chapter XVII. What the Letter Contained
Chapter XVIII. How the Squire Was Circumvented
Chapter XIX. Herbert Becomes a Professor
Chapter XX. Prospect Pond
Chapter XXI. Rowing
Chapter XXII. Andrew Temple
Chapter XXIII. Temple the Tempter
Chapter XXIV. James Is Snubbed
Chapter XXV. The New Boat
Chapter XXVI. The Rival Boatmen
Chapter XXVII. The Race
Chapter XXVIII. Mrs. Carter's Guest
Chapter XXIX. A Bitter Pill
Chapter XXX. Out of Work Again
Chapter XXXI. A New Start
Chapter XXXII. Opening the Campaign
Chapter XXXIII. Herbert As a Newsboy
Chapter XXXIV. Herbert's Legacy
Chapter XXXV. Herbert's Return
Chapter XXXVI. Conclusion

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