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Joe The Hotel Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Out in a Storm.
Chapter II. A Mysterious Conversation.
Chapter III. A Home in Ruins.
Chapter IV. The Search for the Blue Box.
Chapter V. A New Suit of Clothes.
Chapter VI. An Accident on the Lake.
Chapter VII. Blows and Kind Deeds.
Chapter VIII. The Timid Mr. Gussing.
Chapter IX. An Unfortunate Outing.
Chapter X. David Ball From Montana.
Chapter XI. A Fruitless Chase.
Chapter XII. The Particulars of a Swindle.
Chapter XIII. Off for the City.
Chapter XIV. A Scene on the Train.
Chapter XV. What Happened to Josiah Bean.
Chapter XVI. A Matter of Six Hundred Dollars.
Chapter XVII. Joe's New Position.
Chapter XVIII. Joe Shows His Muscle.
Chapter XIX. One Kind of a Duel.
Chapter XX. Attacked in the Dark.
Chapter XXI. Days At the Hotel.
Chapter XXII. About Some Mining Shares.
Chapter XXIII. The Fire At the Hotel.
Chapter XXIV. The Blue Box At Last.
Chapter XXV. Joe Visits Chicago.
Chapter XXVI. How a Satchel Disappeared.
Chapter XXVII. Joe Makes a Discovery.
Chapter XXVIII. From Out of a Tree.
Chapter XXIX. The Fate of Two Evildoers.
Chapter XXX. Conclusion.

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