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Joe's Luck
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Introduces Joe
Chapter II. The Stained Suit
Chapter III. The Returned Californian
Chapter IV. Joe's Legacy
Chapter V. At the Commercial Hotel.
Chapter VI. Joe Buys a Ticket
Chapter VII. Joe Gets Into Trouble
Chapter VIII. Joe's Luck Changes
Chapter IX. The First Day on Board
Chapter X. The Detected Thief
Chapter XI. Joe Arrives in San Francisco
Chapter XII. Joe Finds a Job
Chapter XIII. Joe's Hotel
Chapter XIV. Joe's Second Day
Chapter XV. The Foiled Assassin
Chapter XVI. Joe's New Friend
Chapter XVII. Joe Starts in Business
Chapter XVIII. Mr. Hogan's Proposal
Chapter XIX. The Unlucky Miner
Chapter XX. Hogan Meets a Congenial Spirit
Chapter XXI. Ready for Mischief
Chapter XXII. Checkmated
Chapter XXIII. Not Wholly Black
Chapter XXIV. Mr. Bickford, of Pumpkin Hollow
Chapter XXV. The Man From Pike County
Chapter XXVI. A Desperado
Chapter XXVII. Two Tragic Stories
Chapter XXVIII. The Events of a Night
Chapter XXIX. John Chinaman
Chapter XXX. On the Yuba River
Chapter XXXI. Judge Lynch Pronounces Sentence
Chapter XXXII. Taking Account of Stock
Chapter XXXIII. A Startling Tableau
Chapter XXXIV. A Grizzly on the War-path
Chapter XXXV. The New Diggings
Chapter XXXVI. Hogan's Discontent
Chapter XXXVII. The Nugget Is Stolen.
Chapter XXXVIII. Hogan's Fate
Chapter XXXIX. How Joe's Business Prospered
Chapter XL. Joe's Welcome Home

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