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Only An Irish Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Andy Burke
Chapter II. A Skirmish
Chapter III. Andy and His Mother
Chapter IV. Mrs. Preston
Chapter V. A Profitable Job
Chapter VI. The Two Old Maids
Chapter VII. Andy Obtains a Place
Chapter VIII. The Midnight Alarm
Chapter IX. What Followed
Chapter X. Andy's Debut At School
Chapter XI. A Game of Ball
Chapter XII. A Little Difficulty
Chapter XIII. Godfrey's Rebellion
Chapter XIV. Mr. Stone Is Called to Account
Chapter XV. Mrs. Preston's Discomfiture
Chapter XVI. The Christmas Present
Chapter XVII. Introduces an Adventurer
Chapter XVIII. Riding With a Highwayman
Chapter XIX. Baffled a Robber
Chapter XX. How the News Was Received
Chapter XXI. A Model Wife
Chapter XXII. Colonel Preston's Recovery
Chapter XXIII. Mrs. Burke Has Good Fortune
Chapter XXIV. Andy's Journey
Chapter XXV. The Merchant From Portland
Chapter XXVI. Spinning the Web
Chapter XXVII. The Drop Game
Chapter XXVIII. The Guest of Two Hotels
Chapter XXIX. A Startling Event
Chapter XXX. Colonel Preston's Will
Chapter XXXI. Mrs. Preston's Intentions
Chapter XXXII. Mrs. Preston's Revenge
Chapter XXXIII. Andy Loses His Place
Chapter XXXIV. The Will At Last
Chapter XXXV. Mrs. Preston Is Unpleasantly Surprised
Chapter XXXVI. All's Well That Ends Well

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