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Paul the Peddler
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Paul the Peddler
Chapter II. Paul At Home
Chapter III. Paul Has Competitors
Chapter IV. Teddy Gives Up Business
Chapter V. Paul Loses His Basket
Chapter VI. Paul As an Artist
Chapter VII. A New Business
Chapter VIII. A Stroke of Ill Luck
Chapter IX. A New Patron
Chapter X. Another Loss
Chapter XI. Barclay & Co.
Chapter XII. The Barrel Thief
Chapter XIII. Out of Business
Chapter XIV. The Diamond Ring
Chapter XV. The Pawnbroker's Shop
Chapter XVI. The Jeweler's Price
Chapter XVII. Mr. Felix Montgomery
Chapter XVIII. A Clever Thief
Chapter XIX. Paul Deliberates
Chapter XX. The Thief in Disguise
Chapter XXI. Paul Is Checkmated
Chapter XXII. A Man of Resources
Chapter XXIII. A New Expedient
Chapter XXIV. Mr. Montgomery's Arrest
Chapter XXV. Paul's Final Success
Chapter XXVI. Conclusion

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