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Phil, the Fiddler
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Phil the Fiddler
Chapter II. Phil and His Protector
Chapter III. Giacomo
Chapter IV. An Invitation to Supper
Chapter V. On the Ferry Boat
Chapter VI. The Barroom
Chapter VII. The Home of the Boys
Chapter VIII. A Cold Day
Chapter IX. Pietro the Spy
Chapter X. French's Hotel
Chapter XI. The Boys Reception
Chapter XII. Giacomo's Presentiments
Chapter XIII. Phil Finds a Capitalist
Chapter XIV. The Tambourine Girl
Chapter XV. Phil's New Plans
Chapter XVI. The Fashionable Party
Chapter XVII. The Padrone Is Anxious
Chapter XVIII. Phil Eludes His Pursuer
Chapter XIX. Pietro's Pursuit
Chapter XX. Pietro's Disappointment
Chapter XXI. The Siege
Chapter XXII. The Siege Is Raised
Chapter XXIII. A Pitched Battle
Chapter XXIV. The Death of Giacomo
Chapter XXV. Phil Finds a Friend
Chapter XXVI. Conclusion

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