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Ragged Dick
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Ragged Dick Is Introduced to the Reader
Chapter II. Johnny Nolan
Chapter III. Dick Makes a Proposition
Chapter IV. Dick's New Suit
Chapter V. Chatham Street and Broadway
Chapter VI. Up Broadway to Madison Square
Chapter VII. The Pocket-book
Chapter VIII. Dick's Early History
Chapter IX. A Scene in a Thlrd Avenue Car
Chapter X. Introduces a Victim of Misplaced Confidence
Chapter XI. Dick As a Detectlve
Chapter XII. Dick Hires a Room on Mott Street
Chapter XIII. Micky Magulre
Chapter XIV. A Battle and a Victory
Chapter XV. Dick Secures a Tutor
Chapter XVI. The First Lesson
Chapter XVII. Dick's First Appearance in Society
Chapter XVIII. Micky Maguire's Second Defeat
Chapter XIX. Fosdick Changes His Business
Chapter XX. Nine Months Later
Chapter XXI. Dick Loses His Bank-book
Chapter XXII. Tracking the Thlef
Chapter XXIII. Travis Is Arrested
Chapter XXIV. Dick Receives a Letter
Chapter XXV. Dick Writes His First Letter
Chapter XXVI. An Exciting Adventure
Chapter XXVII. Concluslon

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