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Risen from the Ranks
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Harry Walton.
Chapter II. The Printing Office.
Chapter III. Harry Stumbles Upon an Acquaintance.
Chapter IV. Oscar Vincent.
Chapter V. A Young F. F. B.
Chapter VI. Oscar Becomes a Professor
Chapter VII. A Pleasant Evening.
Chapter VIII. Fletcher's Views on Social Position.
Chapter IX. The Clionian Society.
Chapter X. The Tin-pedler.
Chapter XI. Fitz and His Cousin.
Chapter XII. Harry Joins the Clionian Society.
Chapter XIII. Vacation Begins At the Academy.
Chapter XIV. Harry Becomes an Author.
Chapter XV. A Literary Debut.
Chapter XVI. Ferdinand B. Kensington.
Chapter XVII. Aunt Deborah.
Chapter XVIII. Aunt and Nephew.
Chapter XIX. The Romance of a Ring.
Chapter XX. A Business Transaction.
Chapter XXI. Harry Is Promoted.
Chapter XXII. Miss Deborah's Eyes Are Opened.
Chapter XXIII. The Plot Against Fletcher.
Chapter XXIV. Reading Under Difficulties.
Chapter XXV. An Invitation to Boston.
Chapter XXVI. The Vincents At Home.
Chapter XXVII. The Office of the “Standard.”
Chapter XXVIII. Accepted.
Chapter XXIX. Mrs. Clinton's Party.
Chapter XXX. Two Letters From the West.
Chapter XXXI. One Step Upward.
Chapter XXXII. The Young Editor.
Chapter XXXIII. An Unexpected Proposal.
Chapter XXXIV. A Friend in Need.
Chapter XXXV. Fletcher's Opinion of Harry Walton.
Chapter XXXVI. Conclusion.

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