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The Young Explorer
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Ben's Inheritance.
Chapter II. Deacon Pitkin's Offer.
Chapter III. Sam Sturgis' New Idea.
Chapter IV. A Brilliant Chance.
Chapter V. In Search of a Place.
Chapter VI. Mr. Pitch, the Senior Partner.
Chapter VII. Ben's Dinner-guest.
Chapter VIII. A Strange Acquaintance.
Chapter IX. At the Astor House.
Chapter X. Ben Receives a Call.
Chapter XI. Miss Sinclair's Stratagem.
Chapter XII. In San Francisco.
Chapter XIII. Preliminary Arrangements.
Chapter XIV. The Canon Hotel.
Chapter XV. A Polite Hostess.
Chapter XVI. A New Acquaintance.
Chapter XVII. A Tight Place.
Chapter XVIII. An Evening Call.
Chapter XIX. Ben's Midnight Excursion.
Chapter XX. A Thief's Disappointment.
Chapter XXI. Ben's Savings-bank.
Chapter XXII. The Arrival At Murphy's.
Chapter XXIII. Among the Sierras.
Chapter XXIV. Beaten At His Own Game.
Chapter XXV. The Horse-thieves.
Chapter XXVI. What Next?
Chapter XXVII. Ki Sing.
Chapter XXVIII. The Duel of the Miners.
Chapter XXIX. Chinese Cheap Labor.
Chapter XXX. A Midnight Visit.
Chapter XXXI. On the Mountain Path.
Chapter XXXII. The Mountain Cabin.

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