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The Young Musician
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. A Candidate for the Poorhouse.
Chapter II. Philip At Home.
Chapter III. Nick Holden's Call.
Chapter IV. The Auction.
Chapter V. An Alliance Against Philip.
Chapter VI. Fuss About a Fiddle.
Chapter VII. Mr. Joe Tucker
Chapter XIII. In the Enemy's Hands
Chapter IX. The Poorhouse.
Chapter X. Bad Tidings.
Chapter XI. Philip's New Room.
Chapter XII. A Pauper's Meal
Chapter XIII. A Friendly Mission.
Chapter XIV. Philip Makes His Escape.
Chapter XV. Escape and Flight.
Chapter XVI. A Night Adventure.
Chapter XVII. A Reformed Burglar.
Chapter XVIII. A Professional Engagement.
Chapter XIX. New Acquaintances.
Chapter XX. A Lively Evening.
Chapter XXI. Fortune Smiles Again.
Chapter XXII. Rival Musicians.
Chapter XXIII. An Hour of Triumph.
Chapter XXIV. Lorenzo Riccabocca.
Chapter XXV. A Change of Name.
Chapter XXVI. A Promising Plan.
Chapter XXVII. Unexpected Honors.
Chapter XXVIII. A Triumphant Success.
Chapter XXIX. Beset by Creditors.
Chapter XXX. A Timely Gift.
Chapter XXXI. The Professor's Flight.
Chapter XXXII. The Race Across Fields.
Chapter XXXIII. The Lost Wallet.
Chapter XXXIV. A New Business Proposal.
Chapter XXXV. Squire Pope Is Amazed.
Chapter XXXVI. The Pretended Guardian.
Chapter XXXVII. His Own Master.
Chapter XXXVIII. An Offer Declined.
Chapter XXXIX. An Ambitious Wayfarer.
Chapter XL. The Indian Hunter.
Chapter XLI. An Adventure in the Woods.
Chapter XLII. An Indian At Last.
Chapter XLIII. A Welcome Letter.
Chapter XLIV. A Fresh Start.

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