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Try and Trust
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Around the Breakfast Table
Chapter II. Introducing the Hero
Chapter III. A Collision
Chapter IV. A Disagreeable Surprise
Chapter V. The Envelope
Chapter VI. On the Way
Chapter VII. A New Home
Chapter VIII. The Ghost in the Attic
Chapter IX. Exposing a Fraud
Chapter X. The Clouds Gather
Chapter XI. A Crisis
Chapter XII. Ralph the Ranger
Chapter XIII. A Moment of Peril
Chapter XIV. Taken Prisoner
Chapter XV. A Four-footed Foe
Chapter XVI. Just Too Late
Chapter XVII. New Acquaintances
Chapter XVIII. A Young Aristocrat
Chapter XIX. A Suspicious Character
Chapter XX. Facing a Burglar
Chapter XXI. Herbert's Reward
Chapter XXII. Robbed in the Night
Chapter XXIII. A Business Call
Chapter XXIV. Finding a Boarding Place
Chapter XXV. Getting a Situation
Chapter XXVI. A Family Council
Chapter XXVII. At the Concert
Chapter XXVIII. Peter Greenleaf Again
Chapter XXIX. Sparring
Chapter XXX. An Unexpected Blow
Chapter XXXI. Mr. Stanton Is Surprised
Chapter XXXII. Risen From the Dead
Chapter XXXIII. A Friend in Need
Chapter XXXIV. Conclusion

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