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Walter Sherwood's Probation
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Walter Sherwood's Letter
Chapter II. Dr. Mack Gets Some Information
Chapter III. A College Banquet
Chapter IV. The Day After the Feast
Chapter V. Walter Takes Matters Philosophically
Chapter VI. True Friend and False
Chapter VII. Walter's Experiment Begins
Chapter VIII. Walter Buys a Watch
Chapter IX. An Ingenious Scheme
Chapter X. At the Indiana House
Chapter XI. The Man From Dakota
Chapter XII. In Search of Employment
Chapter XIII. A Young Insurance Agent
Chapter XIV. An Exciting Encounter
Chapter XV. The Excitement Deepens
Chapter XVI. Walter Goes Into a New Business
Chapter XVII. Walter's Visitors
Chapter XVIII. Walter Is Turned Adrift
Chapter XIX. Walter Meets Professor Robinson
Chapter XX. On the Road
Chapter XXI. Miss Longwood's Party
Chapter XXII. An Adventure
Chapter XXIII. Walter and the Highwayman
Chapter XXIV. An Attempt to Recover the Revolver
Chapter XXV. Dick Ranney's Scheme
Chapter XXVI. The Events of a Night
Chapter XXVII. Walter Becomes a Capitalist
Chapter XXVIII. Walter Goes Out of Business
Chapter XXIX. Walter Buys a Horse
Chapter XXX. Walter Finds Himself in a Tight Place
Chapter XXXI. In the Lockup
Chapter XXXII. An Awful Moment
Chapter XXXIII. Walter Saves Another's Life
Chapter XXXIV. A Terrible Ordeal
Chapter XXXV. The Empty Jail
Chapter XXXVI. Colonel Richard Owen
Chapter XXXVII. Walter Is Vindicated
Chapter XXXVIII. An Opening At Shelby
Chapter XXXIX. The New Master
Chapter XL. Ben Is Subdued
Chapter XLI. Conclusion

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