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The Rose and the Ring
by William Makepeace Thackary
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I. Shows How the Royal Family Sat Down to Breakfast
II. How King Valoroso Got the Crown, and Prince Giglio Went Without.
III. Tells Who the Fairy Blackstick Was, and Who Were Ever So Many
IV. How Blackstick Was Not Asked to the Princess Angelica's Christening.
V. How Princess Angelica Took a Little Maid.
VI. How Prince Giglio Behaved Himself.
VII. How Giglio and Angelica Had a Quarrel.
VIII. How Gruffanuff Picked the Fairy Ring Up, and Prince Bulbo Came to Court.
IX. How Betsinda Got the Warming Pan.
X. How King Valoroso Was in a Dreadful Passion.
XI. What Gruffanuff Did to Giglio and Betsinda.
XII. How Betsinda Fled, and What Became of Her.
XIII. How Queen Rosalba Came to the Castle of the Bold Count Hogginarmo.
XIV. What Became of Giglio.
XV. We Return to Rosalba.
XVI. How Hedzoff Rode Back Again to King Giglio.
XVII. How a Tremendous Battle Took Place, and Who Won It.
XVIII. How They All Journeyed Back to the Capital.
XIX. And Now We Come to the Last Scene in the Pantomime.

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